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State Water Resources Control Board Priority Actions

State Water Resources Control Board Priority Actions

Beginning with calendar year 2011, the State Water Board, relying on its Strategic Plan and other State and federal requirements, identified a subset of priorities representing some of the most important work that the Board Members agreed should be completed on a specific schedule.

These Priority Actions were determined by the State Water Board to be key to advancing its mission to protect and restore water quality and properly allocate water for generations to come. For each Priority Action, both a proposed and actual completion date is provided. The proposed completion date reflects the original schedule of commitments.

It should be noted that the priorities are additive, meaning they are not removed until the action has been completed, nor do they reflect the extensive programmatic responsibilities of the State and Regional Water Boards. More information on the Water Boards’ activities can be found within the annual performance reports.

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Priorities of 2013 Proposed Completion Revised Completion Actual Completion
Stormwater Strategic Workplan
The State Water Board will initiate a storm water strategic planning effort in Spring 2014. This collaborative effort will produce a strategic workplan characterizing the breadth of the storm water program to better integrate watershed management, multiple-benefit, and source-control interests into the core regulatory program while improving program efficiency and effectiveness.
September 2014    
Wetlands Phase 1 Definition

August 2014    
Antidegradation Policy Application to Groundwater - Scoping
The Antidegradation Policy regulates the disposal of wastes into the waters of the state and requires that the quality of existing high-quality water be maintained. Following stakeholder input during 2013, in 2015, the State Water Board will create a scoping document to improve the usefulness of the Antidegradation Policy as a tool for making informed decisions regarding discharges that affect groundwater.
July 2017    
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Priorities of 2012 Proposed Completion Revised Completion Actual Completion
Bay-Delta Adaptive Management (Phase 2) May 2014 May 2016  
Groundwater Strategic Workplan February 2013    
Statewide Policy on Desalination February 2014 July 2014  
In-Stream Flow Recommendations December 2018    
Statewide Trash Policy January 2014 February 2015  
Sediment Quality Objectives Phase II (Human Health)
The Sediment Quality Objectives assess the risk that sediment dwelling organisms in polluted waters pose to fish and shellfish that are eventually consumed by humans. State Water Board Staff is developing human health objectives components of the Sediment Quality Objectives Phase II effort and is collaborating with the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on studies that will assist in the development, testing and implementation of Phase II objectives.
June 2014 LA Test Drive  
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Priorities of 2011 Proposed Completion Revised Completion Actual Completion
San Joaquin River Flow and Southern Delta Salinity Objectives September 2012 October 2014  
Russian River Frost Protection Regulations
March 2012   March 2012
Stormwater: MS4 Phase II General Permit
July 2012   February 2013
Stormwater: Industrial General Permit August 2012   July 2013
Stormwater: Caltrans Permit June 2012   September 2012
Onsite Wastewater Treatment Regulations March 2012   June 2012
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